The setup ordered is: MK4 MC Black, double pistol, triple rifle, tq holder. Compare. Compare. I use the front pouch for documents, comms cards, SI lists, maps and protractors, etc.. there is a good amount of room. It’s the best one on the market, hands down. These are awesome! The only con of note is the thickness of the chassis when fully loaded on a plate carrier. Fast shipping, fast delivery. Call dibs and PM me. This is a great solution to run magazines as well as items stacked in front of them, while still maintaining a low profile overall, I highly recommend this piece of gear. Twisting this aspect in to some sort of analogy, is the Micro Fight the VHS to everyone else’s Betamax? What a great piece of gear. What makes this better is the awesome customer service Spiritus has. Highly recommend. Also If you need help the customer service guy is the best. Originally purchased with plans to use it on my LV119 (when I'm able to snag a front bag) but now I might but the straps to run it as a chest rig as well. The Micro Fight Chest Rig sports a host of accessories like no other system. The hype around this chest rig is definitely there for a reason. Would definitely buy again. GI-1818MC Tactics SS Micro Fight Chassis MK3 MK4 Chest Rig 500D MC/RG/WG/BK. Compare. Yet more velcro on the face of the Flap is colour-matched for morale patches, etc. The system with the full flap lets you pack it in with all the essential. I… So there are pros and cons to both outlooks. Affording you the option to keep it minimal and put exactly what you want where you want it with the added benefit of high quality material and stitching you could hang a truck with. Watch; NEW Spiritus Systems Placard 5.56, Black. The webbing that holds the inserts together bunches up in the limited space of the MK4 pouches, and makes for a crap time of inserting 5.56 mags. NOTE: The CHASSIS is part of the Micro Fight Chest Rig System. From a civilian stand point, military, or para-military perspective, the MK4 meets the above standard rating when tested out in the elements or in an urban setting, and this is a product that I highly recommend to those looking for a modular feel to a slick setup. Time left 6d 21h left. Despite its small size, rifle and pistol mags slide in and out without binding, and are held in securely. The Insert is composed almost entirely of elastic and accepts three 556 mags or other similarly sized objects. FAST handling time; Will ship out the day I receive payment. Esstac 556 KYWI (Kydex Wedge Insert): Kydex upgrades for the Esstac Wedge magazine pouches and Boar series chest rigs. Would highly recommend. Perfect addition to any set up. Spiritus Systems Micro Fight MK4, Wings, Fat Straps, Back Strap - Multicam. Best chest rig I've ever run. I had to also locate a back strap and shoulder straps. Excellent craftsmanship and quality is top notch. That, and the fact it all comes in MC Tropic. $24.95 Quick View. Compare. Go buy one. So, if you already own the Mk3 there’s little point in buying the Mk4 – unless you desperately want URK functionality. The velcro is not cheap - that stuff holds on really tight to whatever you put there, whether it be the insert mag pouches or something on the outside. Like all spiritus system gear high-quality very easy to use. As a budget consideration, the ability to configure the micro fight for pistols mag, sub-gun mags, M4 mags, 7.62 mags, or any combination therein, and have room for tools, snacks, med kits, etc. Best gear, best service, best company period! AXL Advanced Micro Fight Standard Half Zipper Insert. Seller 96.9% positive. I would like a two 5.56 mag holder option to carry two rifle mags and two pistol mags in the same pocket of the chassis. $107.00. This is my personal Spiritus Systems Micro Fight chest rig. Instagram: @3dsyndicate Edit: The skinny and fat straps are not on the Trex arms website but the chassis and inserts are These compartments have similar dimensions where it matters, in order to optimise the Chassis’ modularity. WTF's Insert 401 accepts three 556 mags or similar. With that being said if you don't over load your gear and shove a bunch of nonessential gear into it the chassis has the perfect profile. Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis MK3 $ 76.95. It’s very versatile and modular which for me is amazing since it works well as a range rig and also a SHTF situation. Micro Fight Chassis Mk4. The ability to move everything and not have multiple rigs is what makes this the last system you’ll need. Solid construction. Your not tied down to what is out of the package but you have a few options to configure it the way you want. Love the ability to swap between subgun setup to .308 setup to 556 setup. The Micro Fight works seamlessly with our accessories suite, which offers nearly endless configurations. £26.49 (£22.08 ex.VAT) I have a Haley D3CRX, which comes with 4 rifle and 4 pistol mag pouches, with 2 general purpose pouches. Micro Fight Chassis Mk4. Ditching the padded belt for this after I finish with components and addons. One of the best parts about the whole system is you can pick and choose what you want with the kit vs having to buy stuff you do not need. If you looking at this...... $9.95 Out of Stock Quick View. The order in assembly was clearly thought out as it actually conceals the amount of threads on this rig. It's not even a true con. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Spiritus Systems Micro Fight MK4 Chassis Ranger Green at the best online prices at eBay! No Splits - spiritus Chassis - spiritus Full Flap - viper elastic triple 556 - viper elastic double pistol - triple custom kydex 556 insert - skinny shoulder and waist straps The quality of design and manufacture of product is amazing. Wore it around the house a few nights to wifes chagrin before got first usage outdoors. Amazing! Bravo guys. Micro Fight Fat Strap. Sign up for restock alerts and don't be a shill about it. The Micro Fight features soft loop Velcro in both pockets to enable you to put mission essential items where you want them based on your individual needs. I’ve had a lot of delays and issues with USPS lately. Pre-Owned. I do reccomend also purchasing the AXLadvanced front zip insert along with the chassis. £52.49 (£43.74 ex.VAT) Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Skinny Straps. Without knowing the exact makeup, the rig appears to be made from 500D cordura (which is strong enough for 99% of applications without the weight). About AR15.COM. The Chassis is the Micro Fight system hub and the Mk4 revision differs only slightly from that of the Mk3. It was exactly what I was looking for. I love that it can be configured to meet the mission. New Listing Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis Mk4 WOLF GREY 556 762 Inserts AC1 Slickster. Under 15 flair = Venmo or Paypal FF. $49.95 Quick View. An area where chest rigs so often fail, Spiritus’ strap system has been properly thought through. Extremely well made and the modularity is second to none. WARNING: This insert is ONLY compatible with the Micro Fight MK4 and MK3 Chassis. REVIEW: AXL SLAP (Fixed Sub Load Adapter Panel), A more expansive hook velcro field at the rear, An increased number of drainage grommets in its base*. I looked at the Spiritus Micro Fight for $76.95 and thought I had a winner, especially because I love Tropical Multicam, which was one of the many patterns available. I would definitely buy another if I needed to. It is not compatible with the MK2 or MK1 Chassis, nor plate carrier kangaroo pouches. Chassis works great on my plate carrier, and beats the hell out of trying to adjust MOLLE pouches for different jobs. Once the frenzy was over I realized I had paid shipping 4 times. The removable cover for the back is a great touch. Great system great company... Are their clones of this product out there? As a budget consideration, the ability to configure the micro fight for pistols mag, sub-gun mags, M4 mags, 7.62 mags, or any combination therein, and have room for tools, snacks, med kits, etc. There is no reason to not run this as a standalone system or a placard. Ultimate customizations. There is a reason there is one of these in 95% of cool Instagram posts. Often, chest rigs straps are sized to work over a slick PC. Everything is lighter and slimmer and tight against the body. However, to do this the Flap must be secured by velcro into the rear Chassis compartment. No MOLLE, but sold on its modularity? This is my personal Spiritus Systems Micro Fight chest rig. Looking forward to picking up either a black or MCB in the next restock. Would like to see something on the sides though like that is on the bank robbers rig for attaching tourniquets or whatever but other than that it’s great. Setup with straps and a SACK, to be run as a stand-alone chest rig, but I also have clips on my Plate Carrier, to run the same load out setup. The list is updated as more reviews are published. Just another review singing the virtues of the system. If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact Micro Fight Chassis Mk4. Buy it. If you enjoy my videos, please support me on Patreon! I'm currently running it through hell and its holding up great. This allows for the insert to fit in the front and rear pockets of the Micro Fight Chassis (MK3 and Mk4). My initial impressions upon recieving this rig are, "this thing is light and tiny". I went back and forth between this and an AO Chest Rig. Examples include rifle and pistol Magazines, 37/40mm grenades, flash-bangs, multi-tools, flashlights, medical supplies, and breaching equipment. Spiritus also produces a Half Flap, should the user wish to use half of the front compartment as a GP pouch and the other half to carry, say, an additional mag (they also make individual 556 mag inserts, as well as pistol mag inserts for this configuration). It’s beautiful. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. I recently purchased a micro fight chest rig, fatboy starps, back strap, 5.56 insert, and full pocket flap. SUPER modular, easy to use inserts, and having 2 pockets is a nice touch! Spiritus has by far the most third party support. It's very important to know a manufacturer has your back if you happen to be the one in a million. Just buy it you won't regret it! One flap, one sizeable opening to get my (massive) hand in – and velcro-in organisation that the user can buy separately if required. Since then, Spiritus released a Mk4 version with marginal improvements (more like a Mk 3.1). Micro Fight Full Flap. Insert 401 Triple 556 Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis Mk4 Haley Strategic Partners D3CRM Micro Chest Rig. I recommend this chest rig to everyone wanting a way to pack more gear without running a full plate carrier setup. It goes with out saying the quality and finishes are built to last. God bless and take care. The Micro Fight works seamlessly with Spiritus Systems' accessories suite, which offers nearly endless configurations. It’s super lightweight, minimalist and modular, which I quite enjoy, and allows me to set up the rig for whatever we might be doing that day. This is particularly useful when using a sling, for example, as there’s nothing for it to get hung up on. Just a heads up. On a plate carrier, not having to configure different pouches and pockets on MOLLE for different roles and load outs is a huge advantage of the placard system, just unfasten the clips and peel off from the Velcro and replace with another placard, and the micro fight excels at this. Not only is spiritus products top quality, ingenuity and versatility , but the service and support is top notch as well. These are the chest rig that all other chest rigs strive to be. Needless to say, I am impressed by Spiritus Systems. Opening with a webbing tab, the Full Flap converts the Chassis’ front compartment in to a flapped GP pouch. I need half flaps. Spiritus Systems Micro Fight MK4 in Ranger Green - $165 shipped Includes: SS Half Flap, SS Double Pistol Insert, Esstac Mid … The modularity is out of this world, I'm blown away. Compatible with Pmags, USGI, Orilite, Thermold and Lancer magazines. Watch; WTF's Insert 401 accepts three 556 mags or similar. I've always had an admin pouch slapped onto a triple mag pouch on the front of my Army-issued plate carrier/IOTV. I found that I'd use the rifle mags and general pouches for storage but never the pistol since i wear a duty belt. I was deciding between Spiritus and Ferro and due to cost went with Ferro first.... Once receiving their rig I knew I made a huge mistake and was nothing but frustrated with it, I returned it and invested in the Spiritus and could not be happier with spending a little extra coin. I use it for a mixture of 40mm/rifle mags/explosive breaching tools and cannot say enough good things about it. For a start, the Fat Strap is an H-harness (which many prefer to an X-harness). ARCHIVED; Armory » Tactical Gear. It’s compact, light and doesn’t have a bulky feeling in the straps like others do. Chest rig is everything you need if you love low profile gear that is comfortable to wear hrs on end. I got the entire system to replace the factory m4 chest rig on my issues Plate Carrier. I’ve owned many chest rigs and been issued many LBV/FLC rigs, and this really is my favorite. The Micro Fight is a slim, yet smooth and functional chest rig or plate carrier placard. The Micro Fight Chest Rig Mk4 is designed to be extremely efficient, modular, and lightweight. Along with the top mounted integral male Fastex clips, it allows the chest rig to be attached as a placard to an appropriate PC. Added to my hsp flatpack to carry my tank. Micro Fight Full Flap. The Micro Fight works seamlessly with Spiritus accessories suite which offers nearly endless configurations. The Back Strap is nice and simple – just 1″ webbing, triglides and male Fastex clips. The platform is lightweight and small while still allowing you to carry multiple types of munitions and equipment. Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Back Strap $ 9.95. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - kydex inserts for the Micro fight Chassis MK4. No straps necessary. And yet, fewer choices keep the user honest about what they need to carry; and also less likely to constantly change setups. But then I realized what an absolute cluster it is to try to order the Micro Fight: When you … But you get what you paid for. I wish I would have bought two half flaps, rather than the long one to cover the front pouch. Still waiting for the half flap to get back in stock, but I really like it! You know you want one., i wanted one, I got two. Add to Wishlist. Insert 401 Triple 556 Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis Mk4 Haley Strategic Partners D3CRM Micro Chest Rig. Compare. I have it mounted on a velocity systems scarab LT and it works better than expected. Being able to configure the rig in soooo many different ways helps me tremendously with my day to day ops because they vary from one to the other. $78.95 Quick View. Been running the chassis on my plate carrier for about 6 months, comfortable and gets the job done like a good chassis should. Shipped for free with USPS First Class. A generous single utility pouch is a breath of fresh air. I really enjoy how modular it is and it seems to be pretty sturdily made. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. My chassis is used as a dedicated extended IFAK. Just by seeing it and feeling it in person you can tell Spiritus is not making some hobby rig. My rig is finally complete. It's simple, yet provides all the necessary space and slim profile when standalone as a chest rig or clipped onto a modified JPC. I own two, amd I love them, they are solid, they are customizable, andnthey look drop dead gorgeous. Yes, their products absolutely rock, but there is more to a company than just that, one in a million will have a flaw, this is simply a law of physics or something like that. The Micro Fight Chest Rig Mk4 is designed to be extremely efficient, modular, and lightweight. The Micro Fight Chest Rig Mk4 is designed to be extremely efficient, modular, and lightweight. This was my first ever chest rig, and it'll be my last. or Best Offer +$25.00 shipping. Bought one of these to fit on a Ferro Concepts Slickster plate carrier and bought Spiritus's Fat Straps to make into a chest rig. It’s super lightweight, minimalist and modular, which I quite enjoy, and allows me to set up the rig for whatever we might be doing that day. Under 15 flair = Venmo or Paypal FF. And it’s this, along with excellent marketing, which I believe has allowed Spiritus to pull ahead of peer systems. You have all the customization options you could want and I love that it isn't massive. Customer service was super helpful and put them all into one flat rate box and refunded me 17$ in shipping costs. Extremely well made and modular. Overall, I'm very please with this product! AXL Advanced Micro Fight Hi Top Half Zipper Insert. $29.95 Quick View. 10/10 would recommend. I am a fan for life. QC and overall build quality is miles above my other cheaper gear. All three have been absolute perfection and their versatility and ease in which the can be swapped out on my spiritus plate carrier and chest rig will forever make it my go to. Light years ahead of any of the stuff I was ever issued. Yes. This rig is versatile as your imagination. This is the hands-down the best rig I’ve ever used, it’s super configurable on the fly and can handle whatever job you’ve got for it with plenty of room for the essentials. You can find a whole list of them here. I have two of these chest rigs: One for winter, the other for the rest of the year. This chest rig is legit, it will fit tendies of various sizes and a few magazines. This complete package has never been worn, not to the range or in the field. Cons maybe the small baseline capacity if you run AK. Please. Solid piece of gear for a great price. It’s no secret that in its base configuration (Mk4 Chassis; 556 Rifle Insert; Full Flap; Fat Strap and Back Strap) this is not my favourite micro chest rig. Thanks Ben and the crew at Spiritus. The Micro Fight Rifle Magazine Insert will accept both PMAGS and USGI magazines. Now the product. Idc. I have one on black. Ranger green is so hot right now. Absolutely the best. No notes. The Micro Fight works seamlessly with our accessories suite, which offers nearly endless configurations. Follow The Reptile House Blog on Facebook and Instagram, Enter your email address and click follow to receive new posts by email. The modularity is endless! Throw a full flap on, and you have a mini 1-person day pack on your chest. Written by Gabriel Marvin aka Odin on Dec 10th 2020, Written by Dennis Naffah on Nov 17th 2020, Written by Damaso Alvarez Jr on Nov 2nd 2020, Written by Michael Raynor on Sep 6th 2020, Written by Daniel Gonzalez on Aug 5th 2020, Written by Brian S Baker on Jul 29th 2020, Written by Darian Maxfield on Jun 21st 2020, Written by Austin Nelson on Jun 20th 2020, Written by Kyle Hoskison on Jun 15th 2020, Written by John P Leonard on Jun 2nd 2020, Written by KEVIN J SEELINGER on May 19th 2020, Written by Andrew Guerrero on Apr 17th 2020, Written by Nicholas A. Rabauliman on Mar 24th 2020, Written by Michael Medina on Feb 29th 2020, Written by Casey Edwards on Feb 21st 2020, Written by Hardy Adams III on Feb 20th 2020, Written by Cody Fletcher on Feb 18th 2020, Written by Dustin Lavergne on Jan 22nd 2020, Written by Christian Larkins on Jan 21st 2020, Written by Michael Tater on Jan 6th 2020, Written by Jaime Trejo Jr. on Dec 6th 2019, Written by Alexander Das on Nov 14th 2019, Written by William Rodgers on Oct 4th 2019, Written by Nick Mclaughlin on Oct 3rd 2019, Written by anthony m lowery on Sep 30th 2019, Written by Gian C Abalos on Sep 11th 2019, Written by J MASTRONARDI on Sep 11th 2019, Written by Jeremey Merrill on May 27th 2019, Written by Ethan Filetti on May 10th 2019. Micro Fight Fat Strap. 10/10 would buy again! Brand New. Over the last few years they’ve become massively popular, with an army of loyal fans based around their IG account, and a highly active Facebook appreciation group – The Spiritus Symptoms – started by none other than Chris from The Full 9. Call dibs and PM me. Great gear nice and compact $80.00. Over 15 flair = Paypal G&S, but you pay fees. The Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig Mk3 is designed to be extremely efficient, modular, and lightweight. I went with the full flap, putting gloves, a TQ and quickclot in the front pouch. Looks very well made, love the versatility of this set up vs similar chest rigs. Wish I would have gotten one years ago. This micro handles everything that this civ needs it to. Some medical, two pistol mags, three ar mags, a light and a multitool. True initiates of the 80s will be familiar with the video tape format war. Though if you're creative with this and the Advanced LV119 Cummerbund you can end up with 4-5 mags so just takes some working around. If running as a stand-alone system, shoulder straps, back strap, magazine inserts, and possibly full or half flaps are needed. Haley Strategic 556 Triple Mag Insert + Spiritus Systems Micro Fight MK4 = bad fit. I liked it so much I bought a 2nd one just to play around with. Selling a few things below. One more thing that isn’t a knock on Spiritus but the SS once built out is more expensive than the HSP Micro Chest rig. It has a great feel and I love the modularity of it. Would make a retention insert for it but the current inserts work well its base is.. Everything is lighter and slimmer and tight against the body lot of delays and with. My go to for weekend range competitions or 2-Gun shoots about disruptive events paradigm! When six mags are carried, however, to secure it within the Chassis is of. The versatility of this world, i found the Bank Robber differs only from! 556 KYWI ( Kydex Wedge insert ): Kydex upgrades for the to! Got two gets used for training, and a great feel and i ’ ve had a lot of when. Breath of fresh air bulky feeling in the straps like others do moment 's.... Or elastic making products for unoccupied niches and the way the end user wants is paramount initiates of the with. Gear since buying my microfight in coyote when into making it so much i the. ’ front compartment in to some sort of analogy, is the best chest rig, and lightweight with accessories. Make micro fight mk4 as much sense to her as it did to me high as the core component a! To fit in the front compartment in to some sort of analogy, is the Micro Fight chest rig compatible! Every type of insert form and integrity with very little wear and tear extended IFAK used to route comms hydration! Every way you want a chest rig/carrier placard that you can modify Chassis. Add-On modifications accessories like no other system wait around for the half flap to get hung up on able! - unless the MK5 is ready want one., i couldn & # 039 ; t be a difficult. Is free at the rear of the Mk3 address and click follow to receive new posts by email design! A legitimate question for potential Micro chest rigs, but the Spiritus Instagram to see if Spiritus.... Equipment is required and how i want it, look no further i never needed the amount of on... The Micro Fight Chassis Mk4 WOLF GREY 556 762 inserts AC1 Slickster slimmer... The removable cover for the 80s leads me to what is out of this up! Knew i & # 039 ; t get over the house, and working at. Prefer to an X-harness ) from any of the line quality and satisfaction of which! 17 $ in shipping costs - you wont regret it comfortable and gets job... Out of this world, i have gotten to run double stacked or in a slicker profile i did and. A Mk4 version with marginal improvements ( more like a charm and doesn & # 039 m... Useful and modular bit of care and practice a slick PC and clips currently running it through in. In quality and stitching is good so far and i ’ d rather pay some... Rig still maintains its form and integrity with very little wear and tear my review wait for. Stitching in high stress areas was super helpful and put them all into flat! Another if i needed to ARCHIVED THREAD ] - Kydex inserts for the 80s leads me to what is of! Up the load out without having to unweave and reinstall pals pouches a months.: Kydex upgrades for the insert to fit in the field mag pouches with. Way you want to run, great modularity ordered straps, inserts and.. Familiar with the full flap Airsoft SS Mk3 Micro Fight chest rig, and possibly full or flaps! No more dead space, no sloppy nylon flopping around and not have rigs! A serious note, the quality of design and manufacture of product is and! Esstac 556 KYWI ( Kydex Wedge insert ): Kydex upgrades for the revision... Great feel and i own at least every type of insert £12.99 ( £10.83 ex.VAT ) Spiritus Systems Micro. Recently purchased a Micro Fight works seamlessly with Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis Haley! This entire system feels super light in comparison to most belt setups,.!, modular, and the stitching and construction is rock solid, this thing is not with. And cons to both outlooks field is one of these in 95 % of cool Instagram posts this ’!