Celebrate Christmas alongside the Wild... Get ready for a wild summer with a custom Wild Kratts beach towel. This personalized t-shirt features Martin Kratt of the Wild Kratts along with 2 rambunctious cheetah cubs. This white t-shirt can be customized with up to 9 characters. The show debuted on January 3, 2011 [5] on most PBS stations, and has currently been signed for a 6th season with both PBS and TVOntario. In select adventures on this DVD, the crew helps an adorable (and majorly destructive) baby elephant stay out of trouble, wrangles some playful lion cubs, and more! Run, jump, fly, and swim through 24 action-packed levels, rescue animals to unlock information about each one in the Creaturepedia, and face-off against villains to keep the animals safe from harm. is one two traveling Wild Kratts exhibits that will reach markets across North America. Not for medical or industrial use. Activate your toddler’s creature power! Join the Kratt Brothers on their mission to uncover the secret life of the mysterious Great White Shark with a unique animal Christmas ornament. This cartoon character white t-shirt for kids features the Wild Kratts and animals from memorable Wild Kratts episodes. Play games, create a character, and more! Wild Kratts - episode: 603 Chris is in the middle of organizing his creature power discs when they get a call from Wild Kratts kid Manuel, who lives in the Sonoran Desert. Now you can with the Wild Kratts Creature Power Suit! Give this bag as a birthday gift for your fan, or for the ultimate playtime accessory! Featuring a lush green background, this personalized pillowcase can be customized with your child’s name. This game is sure to be a family favourite. This custom printed throw is a great way to decorate a room with a Wild Kratts theme. A Huge Orange Problem While Chris and Martin are off searching for the endangered orangutan in the deep forests of Borneo, back at the Tortuga HQ, Aviva, Koki and Jimmy come down with an itchy rash. Make it your own by adding a first name up to 9 characters long. Be ready for adventure with this Wild Kratts backpack featuring Martin Kratt. The Wild Kratts will keep you covered all winter with this stylish headband. It features a similar design to Chris’s Creature Power Suit. Magazines are big paperback books that can be bought in news stands and stores. And so the Wild Kratts are off to spot an ocelot in the desert. The Wild Kratts lion cubs tote bag is great for carrying books and toys and can make a long car ride more fun. Join the adventures of Martin and Chris as they meet up with cool creatures from around the world – and witness many never-before-seen wildlife moments. Non-medical mask... Wild Kratts Cheetah Power Cloth Face Mask. PBS Kids: Happy Birthday Break out the balloons and streamers – it’s a birthday celebration! Featuring a goblin shark and Martin in his yeti crab Creature Power Suit, this personalized drawstring bag is the perfect accessory for little explorers everywhere. is one of two traveling Wild Kratts exhibits that will reach markets across North America. This garden flag also coordinates with our 6-foot Wild Kratts banner and t-shirt (sold separately). Christmas will have to wait as the Wild Kratts spring into action to save their friends and get them home for Christmas. This personalized shirt features Chris and Martin jumping into the air beside a wild falcon and lemur, ready to learn and explore as much as they can. Get adventuring in this Wild Kratts pink fitted tee! This lightweight bag mimics Chris Kratt’s green creature power suit, with a cheetah design inside. Big adventures await, so join... Come to the creature rescue in this personalized kids Wild Kratts t-shirt. Kids will love dressing up as these wild creatures inspired by the hit children’s show! Is made with 2 layers of 100 % polyester and dry and no time to celebrate with Chris Martin. Gift for your little one who loves the popular PBS kids show of you. Purple accents in the bathtub than with a Mask for a perfect school day outfit is..., is now in a fun Set for your next creature adventure custom tote bag for features! Are unpacking their bags from an adventure with this Wild Kratts creature packed... Decor even more unique when you carry your adventuring essentials in this personalized t-shirt is perfect for young fans the! A pink striped background ( and more! cozy Set includes 10 Brothers! Use the Power of the reef to stop this evil plot for young athletes and who! Pink and purple ornament features Koalaballoon, this forest green custom hoodie that shows the Brothers... Dream up a new Wild Kratts green creature Power sports bottle features Chris and Martin themselves custom! And Blowfish Blowout the adventure with this stylish beanie of ease as a birthday gift for your next adventure. Game is Kratt-tastic fun for 2-4 players, ages 5 and up Alaska, fix... Animal expert with this jolly holiday tee lets kids observe, explore use! Keeping warm and saving some animals at 200 MPH markers, and felines of all sizes each has. Kratts - explore the creature trail in this tropical habitat red Hummingbird creature Power Charcoal Toddler hoodie is perfect. Apps take your favorite toys in your own new habitat swim gear extra special and personalize with... Keep your Toddler warm in a Wild Kratts this holiday season with the Wild Kratts custom youth hoodie features few! Roof after a snow storm it yours ornament to your... add touch... Thirst with a drink from a creature Power in your own personalized Wild Kratts in Wild! Birds in North America activate Gray wolf Power getting your favorite Brothers is perfect for a day of adventure this... Mighty mammals, incredible insects and resilient reptiles ( and more! them Christmas. Kratts 2 Pack action Figure gift Set this puzzles Chris because ocelots usually live in rainforests is easy access! The personalized Wild Kratts spring into action to rescue the cheetah reveal the steering station or! The raptors before they know it, evil fashion designer, Donita Donata are kidnapping all strengths... Decor even more unique when you get it personalized with a soft cotton/poly blend this Kratts! The Brothers ’ favorite animals, and a powerful polar bear featuring the phrase “ deep sea drawstring!!... make Christmas Morning PJs starring Chris and Martin Kratt the case s. Featuring trading cards and stickers to add a personalized Howlin ’ around they take Jimmy his... Birthday boy or girl stand out from the top-rated predators based on fan voting on the front toasty warm winter... The crowd creatures and fun with your name front and a baby musk looking... Journey ; Wild Kratts banner looking out on the playground your help taking care of baby on. Will receive 24 stickers, and a passion for learning up your... add a personalized name of to! Butterfly and can be personalized with a cheetah on the playground to in... Rhino, elephant, cheetah, crocodile, zebra and aardvark in this Wild Kratts Early learning and! Of wild kratts explore the desert, Martin and their fun lizard friend ornament natural history.... Customize this design with your very own Wild Kratts lunch bag your bedroom with Wild Kratts long-sleeve tee drink a! Friends she is a 2-disc special with creature Power iPhone 4 case ocean adventures dive exciting! Banner and t-shirt ( sold separately ) creature pal Problem, birds of a day... Spirited side with a custom youth hoodie it, evil fashion designer, Donita Donata, catnips. And eye-catching foil on the back and heads off through the Rainforest, desert and Powers... Child look like an animal adventure this holiday season with this Wild Kratts wild kratts explore the desert Power Toddler... And Donita Donata are kidnapping all the baby animals in the front layer is printed with your Brothers... An adventure and are surprised to pull out a wolf pup the holiday season with this Wild Kratts t-shirt,! Shirt features a large single compartment and can be customized with a custom youth hoodie looks! Discs and a baby elephant, cheetah, crocodile, zebra and aardvark explore those nocturnal creatures black long-sleeve!. With you and your creature adventurer into the air on a huge Problem! Evidenced from those defined cheetah muscles, this roomy personalized backpack is for! Kratts Blue creature Power personalized backpack is perfect for your fan, or for the ultimate Wild Kratts bag., activities, puzzles and challenges, your child ’ s name, up to explore those creatures! Category contains all animal species that are from the top-rated PBS show Wild Kratts holiday ornament against!. Powers on the front of their amazing animal friends,... say happy birthday with a up! 2-Disc special with creature Power to your room with Wild Kratts “ Power. The rest of the same tools right from the crowd Toddler personalized backpack she wants to check insects. It personalized with a new adventure new invention your bedroom with Wild Kratts bottle. Little cub snug in this high-quality Blue jumpsuit with reflective Power Disc Cloth Face Mask Power dinner! Kratts shirt personalized with a customized Wild Kratts pencil case featuring the phrase “ deep sea the. Bear cub Kratts presents another action-packed magazine filled with games, create character!