(Example: if 1/2 inch of rain occurs within a growing week, apply 1/2 inch by irrigation. Zoysia japonica is suitable for all the warmer regions and crossover temperate regions of Australia. Browse and purchase gardening books by Walter Reeves, plus select titles by other authors. Crop shortage. The height you mow will depend on the variety of zoysia, your personal preferences, and the type of … Otherwise grass tips are shredded, causing a yellow appearance. We will not be carrying any zenith zoysia grass in 2019. Thus, the need for a very sharp mower blade or a reel mower. Zoysia MUST be cut with a sharp mower blade. Generally, the seeded cultivars do not perform as well as the vegetative cultivars (Table 2). Zenith is similar to Meyer in many respects, including blade width and color. Can be mowed with rotary or reel mower. Mow no more than 1/3 of the leaf off at one mowing. I think you can mow your zoysia at two inches high in spring and fall but raise the cut to two and one-half inches in the heat of the summer. Now, it’s time to maintain the beauty of your Lifetime Lawn with these simple instructions: Water to supplement rainfall shortages only. Choosing the correct mowing height is important since: Proper mowing creates a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant lawn. Diamond Zoysia is a fine-textured, vegetatively propagated, warm-season variety with excellent tolerance to low-light conditions, salty soils, and high traffic. Higher fertilizer levels produce deeper color, but more growth means more frequent mowing and increased risk of diseases. Also, make sure you are not waiting too long between mowings. In the shade zoysia may be keep slightly taller. Mowing, plus the dense growth habit of Zenith, will destroy many weeds. If one or more inches of rainfall occur in a week, additional irrigation is not necessary. Diamond is best maintained at a very low mowing height and has outstanding recuperative abilities making it a logical choice for golf course tees and collars, as well as putting surfaces. Mowing a Zenith Zoysia Lawn Mow at 1.5 inches cutting height. Collect the clippings to ensure clumps of grass do not stay on the lawn through the winter, creating dead spots on the lawn. A self-spreading grass, Zoysia grows well in full sun, has improved cold tolerance and stays green longer into the fall season. These grasses are typically used for lawns or general turf areas. Soil insects such as grubs and mole crickets are minimal problems. A combination of Zenith Zoysia grass seed and BIO-170 natural mulch. While planting seeded cultivars of zoysiagrass is cheaper than buying and planting plugs, they … Use sharp mower blades and catch and remove clippings. This is called scalping, and it can damage your lawn. Never cut more than one third of the grass blade off when mowing. Although seed is available, this grass is usually established through s… Mowing a Zeon Zoysia Lawn Mow at 1.5 inches cutting height. Fall is the best time to control winter annual weeds, before they spend the winter spreading through the dormant grass. Zenith® brand Zoysia is the first hybrid zoysia grass seed produced in the United States. Zeon Zoysia is the one of the most shade tolerant warm season grasses available in Georgia and the Atlanta Area. It can maintain good density and color and need cutting only every 10 days at low fertility levels. Do not scalp zoysia grass. Certified Purity & Uniformity Avoid fixed timer irrigation settings. Mowing: The ideal mowing height for zoysiagrass cultivars can range from 1 to 2½ inches depending on your specific site and management. Maintenance Guide. has a dark green color and leaves of medium texture. A: Mowing at one inch high is a bit low unless you are using a reel mower. Zoysia japonica: This particular species was introduced into the United States in the late 1800’s and is commonly called Japanese or Korean lawngrass. If your cut height is too low, you’ll mow the growing point off. The 1 ½ cutting height during the hot months of July and August stressed the Zoysia to the point of death. Use sharp mower blades and catch and remove clippings. When the Department of U.S. Agriculture Research Station at Beltsville, Maryland in 1951 released Meyer (Z-52) Zoysia. Latitude 36 offers outstanding cold hardiness, high traffic tolerance and exceptional visual quality. Mowing And Fertilizing Zenith looks best when regularly cut with SHARP mower blades (reel or rotary) at a height of 1 1/2 inches in full sun, or two to 2 1/2 inches under light to moderate shade. For most zoysiagrass cultivars, turfgrass growers recommend a mowing height of 1½ inches. Several species and varieties of zoysiagrass are used for residential and commercial landscapes, athletic fields, and golf course tees, fairways, and roughs. Use sharp mower blades and catch and remove clippings. Zenith Zoysia, Once Zenith turf is matured, apply moderate nitrogen according to the table below. The growing point gets higher as the grass grows taller. Select a fertilizer that is labeled for use on Zoysia grass lawns. A Comparison of Zoysia Seed Vs. Zenith Zoysia Seed. I have always mowed it one inch high. Description: Zenith zoysia grass (Zoysia japonica Steud.) No mowing is necessary while grass is dormant. It is also being used on high-end commercial sites. Lawn Maintenance, Zoysia performs best when it is kept between 3/4 and 2 inches tall. The leaves of this grass are coarse in texture and are a light green in color. Mowing may be required in summer moths at 7 to 10 day intervals. We ship throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. BIO-170 natural mulch improves spreadability and allows for a more accurate application. Zoysia grass creates its carpet-like appearance when it's maintained at a short height, usually 1 inch or less. They vary widely in leaf color, texture, and establishment rate.Proper lawn maintenance practices are the best means for avoiding pest problems and maintaining a healthy lawn. It also requires much less fertilizer and mowing when compared to Kentucky Bluegrass or Tall Fescue. Don t cut Zoysia any shorter 3 in Texas or you will kill it. Too much fertility will result in a thatchy, unhealthy lawn and increased disease risk. Zenith Zoysia is a great alternative to traditional lawn grasses. ), Do not waste water by over watering; avoid run-off and standing water for any period of time. Apply between 2 and 3 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet annually, during the growing season. (How and When to Water), Topics: It's better to mow these grasses more often to insure you're not cutting too much off at a time. For example, bentgrass can be mowed under 1/2″ while tall fescues should be 3-4 inches high. We’ve tended to your Zenith® Zoysia sod from seed to harvest. Zenith creates a dense, slow growing, low maintenance turfgrass that can tolerate … Zoysia macrantha (dune couch) is a fine-textured Australian native species of coastal origin. When the lawn is uneven, this presents a … Most common varieties include: Empire Compadre Zenith Zoyboy Palisades. Zoysia MUST be cut with a sharp mower blade. This is the only species of zoysiagrass that has seed commercially available. Researchers were then looking for a good turf quality Zoysia that would also be a good seed producer. Do not apply fertilizer to wet turf to avoid burning. With 7 farms and 13 stores, Super-Sod can provide you with unmatched availability and selection of grasses. Supplemental application of iron will improve grass color. ‘Zenith’ zoysiagrass is dark green and medium textured. Zeon can handle full sun and is extremely shade tolerant. Mowing Height 1" - 2.5" Watering - 2 - 7 Days a week ; Mowing Frequency - 7 -10 Days ; Ph- 6 - 7 ; Best to plant between April through August ; Zoysia sod is great for those looking for an alternative to more maintenance intensive lawn grasses! Lawn Care Tips, Zoysiagrass requires inputs of fertilizer to maintain good cover and healthy growth characteristics. Pests can become a problem, especially if Zoysia is not growing healthily (too much fertility or water, etc.). Mowing height for zoysia is 1-2”. ... Mowing height: 1.0 in. Its is bred to be cold, drought, and disease resistant which makes it work especially well from New York south into the Carolinas. Mow no more than 1/3 of the leaf off at one mowing. Zenith Zoysia fulfills a forty-year old dream! Otherwise grass tips are shredded, causing a yellow appearance. ZENITH Zenith zoysiagrass is one of the few commercially available seeded varieties. to 1.5 in. Zoysia rust has been found on Z. matrella in Queensland. Once established, Zenith will produce good ground cover up to six inches tall with little or no mowing. It was rated highly in the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) trials for resistance to spring dead spot and for wear tolerance. Its gorgeous deep green color, lush texture, and shade & drought tolerance make it the pride of the neighborhood. Handling as little as 4 hours of sun, Zeon Zoysia has been a suitable replacement for many Fescue yards in Metro Atlanta. I learned this the hard way after I cut my Zenith Zoysia for several years at the recommended cutting height of 1 ½ . Scalp with a lawn mower or de-thatch with a commercial machine and remove debris. Zenith® Zoysia Grass - sold by the square foot. Zenith Zoysia Seed Advantages Zenith Zoysia grass is a warm season grass that is common in the southern region of the United States. You have taken care installing and establishing your dense, wide-bladed lawn. as needed with a sharp mower. A selected form of Z. matrella is available under the registered name of ‘Shade Tuff’. ZORRO Zorro is a fine-textured Zoysia matrella released by … Though drought tolerant, Zoysia best performs when it receives approximately 1 inch of water per week. ©2020 Walter Reeves / The Simple Gardener, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The mowing height is 15-20 mm. Removing more than a third of the blade at one time will also cause a yellow appearance. In partial shade, mow zoysiagrass at 2 to 2½ inches. Thatch Removal: Periodically it may be necessary to remove accumulated thatch. For assistance with weed identification and pest control contact your nursery/garden center, landscaper, or State Cooperative Extension Service agent. The proper height for mowing your lawn depends on the type of grass, the season, and the growing conditions. Zeon Zoysia is America’s #1 Zoysiagrass. Mow at 1.5 inches cutting height. Suggested mowing height 0.5—2 inches. Instead, it simply means mowing your lawn down to a height in this range will keep it healthy and lush. Begin mowing at a two inch cut-height when there is anything to mow, including weeds. Emerald is a cross between Zoysia japonica and Zoysia matrella, it has a thin bladed leaf, and one of the slowest growth rates of the Zoysia family. Raise the mowing height in the fall (usually in September or October) by ½ to 1 inch to help your zoysia prepare for its dormant season. For example, if you have been maintaining a lawn that is 1 inch in height, now mow it at a height of 1½ to 2 inches. Start mowing zoysia grass at 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches in the fall. 2,4-D type herbicides are safe when used according to the manufacturer's instructions. We have premium Zenith Zoysia available for pickup and delivery! Zoysia Hybrid. Some rust may be expected in cool spring weather and other leaf diseases may show up in hot, humid weather, but the grass will usually recover if water and fertility levels are minimized. Join our newsletter today to get great tips about fertilizing, insect alerts, mowing advice, best cultural practices, sales notices, and more. This is best accomplished just before turf turns green (which is approximately late winter in the coastal plain and spring further north). Q: My wife and I are having a discussion about our Meyer zoysia. It is somewhat less dense, thus making it easier to mow. My wife believes that I should mow it at two to three inches high. Uses one to two pounds of nitrogen per 1000 feet using split applications in spring and late summer. I think you can mow your zoysia at two inches high in spring and fall but raise the cut to two and one-half inches in the heat of the summer. Zoysia has a high shoot count and forms a very dense turf under ideal conditions. A: Mowing at one inch high is a bit low unless you are using a reel mower. Dune couch. Less frequent mowing requirements (second only to Centipede) - mowing may be required on a 7-to-10-day interval. Example: If you’ve let your Bermuda or Zoysia grow much too high and reach 3 inches, set your cutting height to 2 inches, wait a couple of days, then mow to 1.5 inches. Meyer, emerald and zenith are probably the most popular varieties. Mow no more than 1/3 of the leaf off at one mowing. Zeon is a fine textured zoysiagrass primarily used for areas such as home lawns, sports fields and golf courses. Zenith Zoysia® is an improved zoysia cultivars designed and sold by Patten Seed Company/Super-Sod. Latitude 36™ Bermudagrass is a high quality, sterile triploid hybrid developed by Oklahoma State University. Problem Management: Pests, Diseases, Weeds, Seeding New or Existing Zenith Zoysia Lawns. This doesn't mean you have to consistently maintain a certain height to have the lawn you desire! Once established, water only as needed. Zoysia,