Dyes are great because they generally do not obscure the grain. I had never worked with white birch before, and when I saw the issues with staining the wood (soft grain with blotchy absorption of the stain) I was a bit worried. Start with the 120 grit before going up to 180, and lastly 220. The polyurethane will take up to two days to dry. Your site, and especially your Blog, has more useful information than I've found anywhere else on the internet. Mix a solution of 1 part non-catalyzed sealer to 5 or 10 parts acetone. This is why gym floors are strictly constructed with maple flooring. The information you provide is exceptional and you have helped to give me the confidence to take-on this project. #11 posted 10-15-2010 09:03 PM. Here are some instructions and tips for staining your interior doors correctly so that you end up with the beautiful and complete interior décor you have always wanted. Kay B. I wish I would have found you years ago. I hope this helps somebody that's looking to stain Maple. Al N. The contractor remodeling our kitchen was so impressed with the doors we ordered from your website that he is going to use your doors for all his future jobs. Another commonly used finishing technique on maple is to apply tung oil or linseed oil after the final sanding. Sanding the wood to 600 grit exacerbated the problem by burnishing the surface of the wood; rendering it even less able to absorb the stain than if you had stopped sanding at 180 or 220 grit. 26 Pins • 157 Followers. Let the stain dry for a day before applying a layer of polyurethane to seal the wood. Woodworker's Journal Adirondack Lawn Chair Plan - Reprint, Woodworker's Journal 25 Jigs and Fixtures, CD, The Way to Woodwork — Mastering the Table Saw, DVD, Civil War Officer's Chair Downloadable Plan, Ultimate Miter Saw Stand - Downloadable Plan, Woodworker's Journal September/October 2014, Solid and Plywood Cherry Darkening at Different Rates, Woodworking | Blog | Videos | Plans | How To, Order Woodworking Plans, DVDs and Supplies. Yours are the best I've ever used. I’ve built a set of drawers in our closet, which includes the facing. Well, it's not unusual to end up with a blotchy finish after staining maple -- even if you first use a stain … The first type, dyes, are less sensitive to how fine you sanded. General Finishes Gel Stains or Water Based Stains usually will perform very well because they are more topical than traditional liquid oil stains, and contain more colorants. Our production time is 7-10 business days. I flip houses and usually remodel the kitchens, so I have some experience with cabinet doors. It's hard to eliminate this effect, but you can limit it by applying a wood conditioner before staining. Tips on Staining Wood. However, many have reported the wood prone to scratches due to its tightly closed grain. 10 TIPS FOR STAINING WOOD. Sanding maple … Staining Maple is more art that science and even experts struggle with obtaining an even finish. Thank you for an outstanding product. Achieving great results when staining wood is easy if you avoid a few basic mistakes. Staining maple is generally not recommended by finish manufacturers since the dense grain does not allow the penetration of most pigments. You helped my make my customer very happy.Mike B. The hardware chain quoted 28 days, and your quality is far better than their samples. Teri Masaschi, a professional finisher, shares three ways to finish this exquisitely figured wood: a natural look with oil and a topcoat; a darker version from a base of shellac and glazing stain; and an antique look from dye, stain, and shellac. Any info on the basics of staining would be helpful. This will also prevent the end grain from absorbing too much stain. Transform Curly Maple with Dye Stain. So that may not require as much stain (if any). If you have … This was my first order from you and the sizes and overall quality are much better than my prior supplier. Allow the stain to dry for 4 hours. Sep 28, 2017 - Explore ADR Flooring's board "stained maple" on Pinterest. Do not seal in between. General Finishes Gel Stains or Water Based … Use walnut lumber and you are way better off. Additionally, it is highly advisable to practice, practice, and practice some more on test panels before beginning work on a client’s floor.